Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

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Data Sheets:
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Bullet Points:
  • Vacuum preloaded air bearings are the ideal solution for applications where mechanical preload is difficult to accomplish
  • Using a combination of air pressure and vacuum its possible to optimise the fly height and stiffness depending on the needs of the application
  • Vacuum preloaded air bearings are available in standard sizes of 50mm, 80mm & 100mm
  • Custom designed vacuum preloaded air bearings are also possible

The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing works on flat, nonporous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. Its round design allows for smooth, frictionless motion. We offer a variety of sizes that can easily be used for custom air bearing systems. The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing combines the use of air pressure and a vacuum to allow for the air bearing to be held down while simultaneously being lifting from surface.

Table of options:

Part NUMBERBEaring Dia.heightIdeal LOADDatasheet
OAVR050RV 50mm 22mm 46N download icon
OAVR080RV 80mm 22mm 113N download icon
OAVR100RV 100mm 22mm 173N download icon


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Linear Slide Assemblies

Product Images:
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Bullet Points:
  • Available in two standardised variants; 10"x 6" table size with 4" travel and 12"x 6" table size with 6" travel
  • System is constructed of aluminum housing blocks and aluminum breadboard.
  • The solution offers a fully frictionless X/Y stage made from aircraft quality aluminum. Anodized with Mil spec. for ultimate quality.

OAV Air Bearing Linear Slides are high precision and accurate air slide assemblies. Our Bearings provide you with the confidence of integrated bearing motion systems and dynamic response that is much better than conventional rolling bearings.

OAV Air Bearing Linear Slide assemblies combine an accurate guide surface with an air slide ready-fit for installation. This provides the user with the convenience of integrated guide and bearing systems. 

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X-Spin Rotary Air Bearings

Product Images:
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  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/X_SPIN/OAVRL13MX_SMALL.jpg
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/X_SPIN/OAVRL40MX__SMALL.jpg
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/X_SPIN/OAVRL75MX_SMALL.jpg
Data Sheets:
  • Roller Air Bearing Design and Installation Guide, //images/images/products/data-sheets/Roller_Air_Bearing_Design_and_installation_guide.pdf
Bullet Points:
  • NEW patent pending OAV X-Spin Roller Air Bearing is here to replace conventional bearings with improvements & efficiency that is unmatched.
  • Available in 13mm, 40mm & 75mm inside diameter versions.
  • Incredible accuracy with a total indicated runout, TIR of 0.025um.
  • The OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes the air and preloads it over an entire surface area.
  • This results in outstanding stiffness as well as maximized performance levels.
  • Roller Air Bearing Mounting Block, index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=148, images/images/products/Air-Bearings/MB13RL_SMALL.jpg

The Outer Spin Rotary Air Bearing provides the ability to spin outer rings with an incredible accuracy of TIR± 1 millionths inches (.025 microns) while maintaining zero friction and contact, zero maintenance, no generation of thermal energy at high speeds, and a limitless operating life. This ultra-precise, hard-installable innovation is here to replace conventional bearings with unmatched improvements and efficiency. OAV Air Bearings offers products that have significantly higher levels of stiffness with superb geometric performance.

The OAV External Spin Rotary Air Bearing preloads both the horizontal and vertical surface with an opposing thin film of pressure, maintaining the perfect gap and optimal levels of tolerance.

The table below lists the three different X-Spin Roller Air Bearings available: 

OAVRL13MX13mm44.5mm 22mm 57.8N133.5Ndownload icon
OAVRL40MX40mm100mm 36mm 178.4N320.3Ndownload icon
OAVRL75MX75mm140mm 51mm 578.3N1245.5Ndownload icon


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Modular Air Bearings

Product Images:
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  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/OAV90DG50_SMALL.jpg
Data Sheets:
  • Modular Corner Air Bearing, //images/images/products/data-sheets/Modular_Air_Bearings/OAV90DEG50-BSC.pdf
Bullet Points:
  • Modular Air Bearing design.
  • Subdivides motion system into smaller install-able parts.
  • OAV modular air bearing can be independently install and then used in different systems and different shapes
  • Benefits can include reduction in cost, shorter installation time, flexibility in design, augmentation and exclusion

The OAV Modular Air Bearing design subdivides motion systems into smaller installable parts. They can be independently installed and then used in different systems and shapes. OAV Modular Air Bearings make use of industry standards for interfaces. 

OAV Modular Air Bearings offer many benefits such as reduction in cost, shorter installation time, flexibility in design, augmentation, and exclusion. It is a complete offering of air bearings produced with the design for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications for ultimate accuracy positioning.

OAV Air Bearings generate evenly distributed gas films between surface and the substrate. Because of low gas viscosity and friction losses by viscous shearing, mechanical contact is avoided. Our modular air bearings are manufactured from aircraft quality lightweight material. It is ultra-precise with exceptional linear straightness and flatness. Vibration and maintenance-free, ready to install.

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Thrust Air Bearings and Bushings

Product Images:
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/Thrust/OAVTR60i25_SMALL.jpg
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/Thrust/OAVTB32i13_SMALL.jpg
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/Thrust/OAVTRXXXX_CAD_SMALL.jpg
  • images/images/products/Air-Bearings/Thrust/thrust_air_bearing_SMALL.jpg
Data Sheets:
  • Thrust Air Bearing Design & Installation Guide, //images/images/products/data-sheets/Thrust_Air_Bearing_Design_and_installation_guide.pdf

The OAV Thrust Air Bearing is a breakthrough innovation in air bearing technology. For the first time, an air bearing is available that fully integrates and works on a three-way frictionless surface. The OAV Thrust Air Bearing configurations run on standard sized shafting for fixed, linear motion while maximizing rotational motion with ultra precision and zero friction using aerospace quality aluminum.

OAV Air Bearings have higher stiffness and excellent geometric performance. The OAV Thrust Air Bearing preloads both the horizontal and vertical surfaces with opposing thin films of pressure. This maintains the perfect gap for ultimate tolerance, and the surface design of the bearing equally distributes the air and pre-loads it over the entire surface area. The result is outstanding stiffness with maximized performance.

Thrust Air Bearings table of options:

OAVTR32i13 13.018mm 31.75mm 12.7mm 10.7N 81.4N download icon
OAVTR60i20 20.018mm 59.59mm 16.5mm 52.0N  373.7N download icon
OAVTR60i25 25.018mm 59.59mm 16.5mm 65.4N  302.9N download icon
OAVTR100i50 50.018mm 99.49mm 19.6mm 190.8N  862.1N download icon
OAVTR100i75 75.018mm 150mm 19.6mm 286.5N  2215.2N download icon

Thrust Air Bushings table of options:

OAVTB16i04 4.0mm 16.1mm 33mm 9.3N 16.0N download icon
OAVTB32i13 13.018mm 32mm 52.8mm 43.2N 81.4N download icon
OAVTB60i20 20.018mm 59.59mm 79.2mm 244.2N 373.7N download icon
OAVTB60i25 25.018mm 59.59mm 79.2mm 305.1N 302.9N download icon
OAVTB100i50 50.018mm 99.49mm 91.4mm 871.4N 862.1N download icon
OAVTB150i75 75.018mm 150mm 91.4mm 1306.9N 2215.2N download icon

Please refer to the Design and Installation Guide for more information.

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