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Dynatect Gortite

The Gortite line offers the greatest variety of cover materials and construction processes available anywhere.  They manufacture bellows type covers for cylinder rods and shafts, actuating screws, machine ways and linear rails.  Other uses include flexible connections, expansion joints and camera bellows.   Gortite product are sold to a wide range of markets including medical […]

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Dynatect Gortrac

Gortrac design and manufacture innovative, dynamic cable and hose management systems that are easily customised from four standard lines: Gortrac®-Open Style Metal carrier Nylatrac™-Open Style Plastic carriers Gortube®-Enclosed Style Metal carriers Nylatube-Enclosed Style Plastic carriers Many of the standard carriers can be easily modified to perform in applications that have traditionally required specialised or custom […]

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Industrial rollers were once notorious for trapping and severely damaging fingers as they move at high speed and their primary task necessitates that they are powerful. In order to improve safety, modern machines utilise what is known as a safety chuck. This simple yet effective device fits between the motor and the rollers of the […]

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The Nexen Group™, formerly known as Horton, is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, automotive and textile industries. The Air Champ® line of clutches and brakes is the industry standard for rotary motion control […]

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SITEMA is the only company worldwide specializing in the development and production of clamping units and linear brakes acting on round rods. The extensive product range caters for safety requirements in a multitude of market areas from hydraulic presses and machine tools to industrial robotics and automation lines. The product range can be broken down […]

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