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InfraTek (IR)

  • Accurate Measurements: InfraTek (IR) provides precise measurements by focusing light at specific wavelengths onto the product and analysing the reflected signals. This accuracy ensures reliable data for factors like basis weight, moisture levels, thickness, or coating weight.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: With InfraTek's multi-filter wheel, users can directly measure various properties such as thickness, basis weight, moisture, or coating weight, all with a single sensor. This versatility streamlines processes and improves efficiency by consolidating measurements into one device.
  • Easy to Use: InfraTek is designed for user convenience. Its internal systems constantly adjust to maintain accuracy. This reduces the need for manual calibration and allows continuous measurements without interruptions. This ease of use enhances productivity and reduces downtime, making it a practical solution for industrial applications.

Product Description

InfraTek (IR) is a modern system that uses special light to determine accurate measurements. It sends focused light at specific wavelengths into a product. These wavelengths get absorbed and then sent back to a detector, helping achieve precise measurements.

This system is smart because it compares the reflected light to known wavelengths. This helps us figure out important things like how heavy a product is, how wet it is, how thick it is, or how much coating it has.

InfraTek (IR) sends low-energy light onto products through a special mirror. Inside, it's always checking and adjusting to make sure it stays accurate. This means that operations can continue without stopping to make manual adjustments. Through our partnership with AIS Gauging, we can offer InfraTek (IR) to improve operational efficiency across many different industries.