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AGV Motors

Unimotor Ultra Low Voltage Motor

  • The Unimotor Ultra Low Voltage Motor is made for tasks that require quick starts and stops. It provides excellent dynamic performance.
  • Using advanced brushless AC servo motor technology, these motors ensure accurate and efficient motion control.
  • Pick the right size for your project from a variety of frame sizes to meet different needs.
  • Specifically designed for tasks that need fast and precise motion, the Unimotor Ultra Low Voltage Motor ensures high performance.
  • Engineered to work well in situations where there are frequent starts and stops, these motors promise reliability, even in tough conditions.

Product Description

Discover the Unimotor HD Ultra Low Voltage, a specialised brushless AC servo motor. This product is designed for applications needing fast acceleration and deceleration. These motors, ranging from frame size 060 to 142, provide a dynamic solution for projects requiring quick motion control. With precision remaining at its core. Engineered for optimal performance, the Motor ensures reliability and efficiency. This makes it ideal for applications where speed and responsiveness are essential.