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AGV Motors

LD AGV Motor

  • The LD AGV Motor is easy to install with its direct mount design.
  • Its low-profile gearbox allows versatile gear reductions of up to 9:1 for different AGV applications.
  • The LD AGV Motor delivers a strong performance with up to 250Nm torque, ensuring efficiency.
  • It reaches speeds of up to 450 rpm, ensuring quick and precise movement in AGV systems.
  • It has been specifically designed for Automated Guided Vehicle applications, meaning the LD AGV Motor meets its unique requirements.
  • With its streamlined design and high torque, this motor is an efficient and reliable choice.

Product Description

This product has been created specifically for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) applications. This motor comes with a direct mount design for easy installation and a low-profile gearbox, providing gear reductions of up to 9:1. With a powerful torque output of up to 250Nm and speeds of up to 450 rpm, the LD AGV Motor guarantees high performance across various AGV systems. It’s straightforward design and impressive capabilities make it a dependable option for applications prioritising efficiency.