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  • Enhanced Precision: ShadowTEK offers highly accurate thickness measurements. This is due to its highly calibrated optical, inductive, and temperature sensors.
  • Long-Term Stability: With internal thermo-electric temperature compensation and thermo-electric coolers, ShadowTEK maintains stability across various environmental temperatures. This temperature stabilisation feature is crucial for sustaining long-term measurement accuracy. It reduces the risk of measurement discrepancies due to temperature shifts. As a result, customers can rely on ShadowTEK for consistent performance even in changing conditions.
  • Seamless Integration and Upgradability: Unlike alternative structured light sensors, ShadowTEK's reference roll seamlessly integrates into the measurement frame. This enhances long-term accuracy without the need for continuous realignment. Additionally, ShadowTEK serves as a valuable upgrade option for customers looking to transition away from beta or gamma gauges.

Product Description

ShadowTEK sensors are a reliable tool for measuring thickness. They provide a stable platform with an integrated reference roll. They use optical, inductive and temperature sensors, all finely adjusted for accurate measurements. The distance between the inductive sensor and the reference roll is carefully controlled within an 8 mm range to ensure precision.

Customers can choose from two reference roll options, one being a high-quality stainless steel roll known for its consistent performance. An air scan compensation feature manages any inconsistencies in the reference roll and frame rail. This ensures accurate measurements over time. Unlike other sensors, the ShadowMIKE reference roll seamlessly fits into the measurement frame, improving accuracy without needing constant adjustments.

The ShadowTEK sensor includes internal temperature compensation within the inductive sensor, accurate to ±0.1°C. This allows for any temperature changes that could affect measurement accuracy. Thermo-electric coolers stabilise the optical bench, maintaining accuracy even in changing temperatures. This stability is essential for long-term accuracy and reduces the risk of measurement errors. Overall, the ShadowTEK sensor is a dependable choice for customers looking to upgrade from beta or gamma gauges, supporting environmentally friendly initiatives.