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Friction Clutch

  • When high durability, long life, and low cost of repair the Air Champ 2 clutch is the solution for you.
  • Static torque up to: 3920 inlbs at 80 psi, maximum speed 3600 rpm, transmitted power up to 25 hp, continuous thermal dissipation up to 2.25 hp.
  • Bores sizes up to 2.00 in. and standard bore units offer bushings to fit many smaller shaft sizes.

Product Description

Nexen Friction Clutches are available in a range of different single, dual & multiplate configurations including; Micro Shaft Mounted, Air Champ 2 , XHW Shaft Mounted Clutches, LSCC Pilot Mount Clutches, 4HP Pilot Mount Multi Disc, 4H Flange Mounted Multi Disc, DFC Dual Face Clutches, DFE/QFE Dual/Quad Plate, MDO Modular Flange Or Foot Mounted , FMCE NEMA Flange Or Foot Mounted Enclosed Friction, FMC IEC B5 Flange Or Foot Mounted Open Friction and FMCE IEC B5 Flange Or Foot Mounted Enclosed Friction.


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