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  • Comprehensive Measurement: Terahertz technology offers simultaneous assessment of basis weight, thickness and moisture levels. This provides a holistic view of product characteristics.
  • Enhanced Precision: By examining Time Domain data and measuring changes in Time of Flight (ToF), Terahertz technology enables highly accurate measurements. This ensures quality control and improved processing.
  • Versatility: Terahertz technology is versatile and can be applied across different industries. It improves the measurement capabilities in sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and materials science.

Product Description

At Motion Drives and Controls, our partnership with AIS Gauging enables us to offer cutting-edge Terahertz measurement technology. With Terahertz, we can provide an assessment of basis weight, coating thickness and moisture at a rate of over 1000 points per second, setting new standards in the gauging industry. This rapid assessment capability gives an important insight into material properties, allowing precise quality control.

Terahertz energy operates uniquely. It encounters partial reflection during layer transitions, leading to delays in both "amplitude and phase terahertz echoes" reaching the detector. Terahertz technology uses time-domain measurement, unlike normal sensors. This improves how THz signals measure thicknesses in complex layers. It also improves measurement accuracy and reliability.

The Terahertz technology uses a method called Time Domain (TD) Terahertz (THz) measurement. This creates and captures very narrow electromagnetic pulses within the THz frequency range. This low-energy pulse ensures safety and allows focusing for reflection and treatment. By directly examining Time Domain data, changes in Time of Flight (ToF) can be measured as the photon pulse interacts with the material. This approach improves measurement precision and versatility across industries.