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AGV Kits

1000kg payload AGV Kits

  • These kits feature a sturdy 89mm frame size, providing a reliable foundation for robust and heavy-duty robotic applications.
  • Customise your kit with a selection of eight different 24V and 48V configurations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of projects.
  • Tailor your kit to suit your needs by choosing between options with or without a brake, enhancing control and safety.
  • Select the connectivity that aligns with your project requirements, with options available for kits with or without ethernet capabilities.
  • This kit is designed to adapt to various applications, providing flexibility for different project needs.
  • Benefit from the kits' robust design, offering durability and longevity for your robotic systems.

Product Description

Featuring a user-friendly 89mm frame size, these kits serve as a solid base for a variety of applications. Additionally, they can be tailored to match your project's unique needs. With eight different power configurations, including both 24V and 48V options, this product provides flexibility. Customise it by choosing whether you want a kit with or without a brake, and with or without ethernet connectivity. This ensures that your integration process is straightforward and adaptable, excellent for a range of projects.

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