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Machine Frames


  • Unparalleled Precision and Efficiency: The Gemini system offers unmatched accuracy and efficiency. It revolutionises measurement capabilities with high-resolution, non-contact technology for detecting tiny weight deviations.
  • Tailored Quality Assurance: Customised to specific recipes, it compares nominal and actual values. Along with ensuring process resilience to fluctuations. Configurable defect parameters and remote alarming enhance production integrity and quality assurance.
  • Optimised Efficiency and Quality: The Gemini system optimises material usage, and profiles, and detects defects to prevent contamination. Its design increases resolution, reduces equipment footprint, and enhances quality control capabilities. Experience the transformative power of the Gemini system.

Product Description

It's redefining precision and efficiency in measurement capabilities. Gemini allows industries to detect small weight deviations with accuracy. Tailored to specific recipes, it ensures resilience to process fluctuations by comparing nominal and actual values, guaranteeing consistent quality output.

Gemini can quickly find any problems while measuring things continuously. It can be set up to look for specific issues and send alerts if something goes wrong, making sure everything runs smoothly. It optimises material consumption, analyses profiles, and safeguards against contamination. This is while its multi-tube design reduces equipment footprint, optimising workspace efficiency. Gemini raises operational capabilities and quality control to a new level of excellence. This is by employing enhanced X-ray source technology.