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Automatic Safety Chucks

Product Description

Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks are designed to reduce operator involvement and set up time whilst ensuring maximum safety by opening & closing pneumatically. The P series is designed for new installations where Automatic Safety Chucks are required. An alternative design, the A series, can be retrofit onto a machine where the upgrade of a chuck from manual to automatic required.

Automatic Safety Chucks offer the following Features:

  • Chucks open & close automatically
  • Replaceable VT inserts
  • Inbuilt proximity sensors to detect if loaded, open or closed
  • Mechanical lock to ensure safety in case of pneumatic or electrical failure
  • Flange or pedestal pillow block mounting
  • Standard or bespoke shafts to suit customer brake or drive requirements

Available inserts:

  • Square (VT2)
  • Square/Round (VT7) (P series only)


TypeMax. Beam Mass (kg)Max. Torque (Nm)Square Dimensions (mm)
A40 1600 350 40
A50 2800 1100 50
A80 7000 2350 80
P40 1600 350 40
P50 2800 1100 50