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Machine Frames


  • Swift, Precise Measurement: AIS's I-Frame Single Beam Scanner delivers swift, precise, and dependable quality measurement. This is integrated into sophisticated distributed web gauging architectures.
  • Rigidity and Accuracy: Built with a box-beam construction, the I-Frame scanner ensures outstanding rigidity and unsurpassed measurement accuracy. This is supported by a linear bearing system and precision rails for scanner alignment and enduring performance.
  • Reliability and Versatility: Equipped with internal safeguards and modular parts for easy maintenance, the I-Frame scanner family offers reliability and peak performance. Its compact design allows for minimal installation space and support for sensor families.

Product Description

AIS's I-Frame Single Beam Scanner showcases excellence in measurement technology. It offers swift, precise, and dependable quality measurement integrated into AIS's distributed web gauging architecture. This is tailored to meet the demands of manufacturing facilities. The nano scanner family consistently delivers outcomes that exceed customer expectations. The mechanical blueprint of the I-Frame scanner is rooted in a box-beam construction. This ensures outstanding measurement accuracy. This commitment to precision is upheld by the inclusion of a linear bearing system and precision rails. It guarantees scanner alignment and enduring performance.

In the pursuit of scanner reliability and peak performance, internal safeguards shield critical components within the frame. Maintenance becomes straightforward thanks to the use of modular parts, facilitating swift replacements and minimising downtime. The nano, micro, and macro frames are equipped with a sealing brush system around the head carriage. This wards off foreign particulates from infiltrating the internal structure. The frame's underside is sealed off, preventing contaminants from descending onto the material being measured. The I-Frame scanner family demands minimal installation space. It delivers crucial measurements even from challenging process locations. It also extends support to both the backscatter and reflection intelligent sensor families offered by AIS. This exemplifies its versatility and adaptability.