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Brushed Motor Controllers

FDC/MDC Series Motor Controller

  • The FDC/MDC Series offers Medium Power Triple, Dual, or Single Channel Brushed DC Motor Controllers, ideal for robotics and automation.
  • Incorporating Advanced Roboteq Core Technology, these controllers provide advanced capabilities.
  • With power outputs of up to 3 x 60A, 2 x 60A, or 1 x 120A, the FDC/MDC Series ensures efficient and powerful motor control.
  • With voltage options reaching 60V, these controllers are suitable for a range of applications requiring medium power.
  • Tailored specifically for robotics, machine control, and automation applications, the FDC/MDC Series meets the unique requirements of these systems.
  • Offering a user-friendly solution, the FDC/MDC Series provides reliable motor control for medium-power applications.

Product Description

The FDC/MDC Series, consists of a range of Medium Power Brushed DC Motor Controllers. Each is designed for robotics, machine control, and automation. These controllers, equipped with Advanced Roboteq Core Technology, offer advanced features. This includes multiple connectivity options, and scripting support for enhanced flexibility. With power outputs of up to 3 x 60A, 2 x 60A, or 1 x 120A, and voltage options reaching 60V, the FDC/MDC Series ensures efficient operation. Housed in a durable ABS enclosure with a bottom conduction plate, these controllers are designed for effective heat dissipation. Specifically tailored for robotics, machine control, and automation, the FDC/MDC Series provides an easy-to-use solution for your motor control needs.

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