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Magna Shear Electric Motor Brake

  • Torque: 6 LB-FT to 1,250 LB-FT
  • Fits NEMA Frame 56C to 440 Motor Frames.
  • Spring Set – Electric Release (Fail-safe)
  • IEC and Custom Mounting Available
  • Clamped-Split-Quill
  • Washdown, Marine and Hazardous Duty
  • Manual Release, lock out, and released indicator available
  • Can also be furnished as an Assembled Brake Motor

Product Description

The MagnaShear motor brakes with Oil Shear Technology are of the wet or hydroviscous type which transmit torque between the drive plates and friction surfaces. Specially formulated transmission fluid is used for cooling and provides a hydroviscous fluid film between the friction disc and the drive plate during the dynamic phase of engagement. The transmission fluid in shear transmits torque between the two components increasing as the clamping pressure increases until mechanical lock up occurs. By cooling the friction surfaces and reducing the mechanical wear, a significant increase of thermal capacity and total cycle life is possible


  • Oil Shear Technology for smooth accurate stops, minimal wear, no adjustment and superior heat dissipation.

  • Up to 10 times longer life, Up to 50% Lower Cost per Index

  • Heavy duty totally enclosed sealed housing for protection in severe dusty, dirty, or wet applications.

  • Clamped split quill provides superior 360º shaft connection, minimizing key and key-way problems.

  • Quick mount design installs in one piece.

  • Washdown, Marine and Hazardous duty options available.

  • Custom flange designs for IEC, reducer mounting, or old crane retrofits.

  • Manual release, release indicator switch, heater and encoder shaft accessories available.

  • Simple transformers used for alternate voltages.


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