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AGV Kits

2000kg payload AGV Kits

  • These kits feature a robust 14mm frame size, providing a strong foundation for heavy-duty applications.
  • You can customise your kit with a selection of eight different 24V and 48V configurations. This ensures compatibility with a variety of projects.
  • Tailor your kit to your needs by choosing between options with or without a brake. This can enhance control and safety for large payloads.
  • Select the connectivity that suits your project, with options available for kits with or without ethernet capabilities.
  • The 2000KG AGV Kits are designed to be customisable for heavy-duty applications, providing adaptability for different project needs.
  • Benefit from the kits' sturdy design, offering a reliable foundation for robotic systems with large payloads.

Product Description

With a compact 14mm frame size, these kits provide a solid base for heavy-duty applications. Choose from a versatile combination of eight different 24V and 48V configurations, allowing you to tailor the kit to meet your specific requirements. Customise your kit further by selecting options with or without a brake. Or, with or without ethernet connectivity, to ensure seamless integration and adaptability.

Data Sheets