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  • Superior Precision: BetaTEK sensors by AIS Gauging use advanced isotope sources and highly sensitive ion chambers. This ensures precise measurement of material thickness or basis weight variations. The incorporation of a low-noise, high-gain precision electrometer further enhances measurement resolution, accuracy, and stability. This results in unparalleled precision in web gauging applications.
  • Dynamic Temperature Compensation: Our sensors excel in real-time basis weight and thickness assessment. This is thanks to dynamic temperature compensation features. Monitoring and adjustment of source and receiver air column temperatures counteract environmental fluctuations. As a result, high accuracy can be achieved even in varying temperatures.
  • Streamlined Calibration and Maintenance: BetaTEK sensors are calibrated using a polynomial equation. This calibration approach aligns measurement signals with customer-required units. It enhances the ease of use and ensures accurate readings with minimal effort from operators.

Product Description

Through our partnership with AIS Gauging, we have access to BetaTEK technology, delivering exceptional measurement resolution, accuracy and stability. BetaTEK simplifies maintenance by streamlining the calibration approach. This aligns measurement signals with customer-required units. Consequently, it enhances accuracy, redefining measurement precision in web gauging applications.

Using advanced isotope sources, BetaTEK emits a low-level radiation beam that passes through materials. A highly sensitive ion chamber detects the radiation's attenuation. It converts it into a precise measurement of material thickness or basis weight variations. This converted signal is then displayed on the operator's console, providing accurate data for monitoring and control.

In addition to its cutting-edge technology for precise web gauging applications, BetaTEK stands out for its versatility and reliability. With options available for any substrate, coating, or additive, BetaTEK sensors can be tailored to meet specific industry needs. The ability to integrate BetaTEK sensors seamlessly into existing systems, coupled with our expertise and support, ensures a smooth implementation and optimal performance.

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