Rosetta Spacecraft: A Feat of British Engineering

This week has been a proud one for the engineering industry. As you may already know, this week’s news has been full of reports regarding the groundbreaking Rosetta rocket, which was the first craft to ever land successfully on a comet, in what was a historic moment for space exploration.

It has taken over 10 years, however the European Space Agency Rosetta spacecraft finally reached its destination on Wednesday, having travelled billions of miles through our solar system. The Rosetta is on a mission to unlock some of the mysteries of the evolution of our solar system, and will be the first craft to undertake an extensive exploration of a comet. It is hoped that the mission will help reveal whether or not comets could have brought water to the earth and thus helped to kick start life on our planet. The craft will also aim to uncover some of the secrets of these icy giants, which have fascinated us for thousands of years.


This revolutionary piece of precision engineering was a collaboration between contractors from the US in addition to 14 different European countries. The British engineering industry was also heavily involved in the mission, playing a vital role in its success, and many organisations and companies here in Britain were used to build many of the space craft’s systems and components.

According to The Telegraph the UK is recognised worldwide as a leading manufacturer of space vehicles and hardware, and this sector is also growing rapidly. The article quotes Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of the ADS (the trade body which represents the aerospace, defence security, and space companies here in Britain) as stating that the mission was the result of “high precision engineering – a skill in which the UK retains real competitive advantage over other parts of the world. We can produce sophisticated technology and engineering that is incredibly reliable.”


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