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AIS Gauging

When it comes to buying new parts for your business, prioritising quality is crucial to ensure the accuracy and safety of your machinery. AIS Gauging specialises in high-precision systems. They're tailored for inline web thickness and coat weight measurement in roll-to-roll applications. They perfectly complement our web processing products at Motion Drives & Controls.

Their comprehensive range includes various sensor types. From Isotope Source to Infra-Red, X-Ray, Inductive, and Lasers. These are all adaptable to different machine frames. Customers have the flexibility to buy sensors alone, sensor-plus-frame packages, or frames. AIS is one of the few companies providing precise inline measurement solutions. They cater to critical industries. This includes semiconductor/battery production and fuel cell manufacturing. This is where precise coat weight and thickness are essential. AIS provides proprietary software solutions. Achieved by utilising the industry-standard WonderWare graphical interface package for simplicity. When paired with a compatible PLC, it provides real-time feedback and control over processes. This includes web coating or spraying, enhancing operational efficiency and process knowledge.

AIS controls strike a perfect balance between optimised process control and HMI user-friendliness. They cater to a wide range of applications. This includes automatic die control in plastics to complex galvanising control in metals. Features like the WonderWare Intouch graphical HMI, open architecture design, and real-time display of process data guarantee smooth integration and operation. AIS systems maximise operator efficiency while minimising downtime. Using features such as Automatic Target Management (ATM), quality reporting software, and archiving and analysis capabilities.

At Motion Drives & Controls, we're proud to partner with AIS Gauging. We provide our customers with top-of-the-line sensors and machine frames and comprehensive service offerings. This ensures a seamless transition for clients seeking upgrades or replacements in their measurement solutions.