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AIS Gauging

When buying new parts for your business, quality stands as the cornerstone to ensure accuracy and safety in machinery. AIS Gauging specialises in high-precision systems designed for inline web thickness and coat weight measurement in roll-to-roll applications, complementing our web processing products at Motion Drives & Controls. 

Their range encompasses various sensor types, including Isotope Source (low-level radiation), Infra-Red, X-Ray, Inductive, and Lasers, adaptable to different machine frames. Customers have the flexibility to purchase sensors alone, sensor-plus-frame packages, or frames separately.

They are one of the very few companies that offer precise inline measurement solutions, and we are proud to work with them to distribute these solutions to our customers. These systems cater to industries like semiconductor/battery production and fuel cell manufacturing, where precise coat weight and thickness are critical. For instance, in scenarios involving expensive coatings, regulating the material usage is imperative. AIS also provides proprietary software that, when integrated with a compatible PLC, delivers real-time feedback, controlling specific processes like web coating or spraying. Additionally, they offer an app for easy access to system measurements.

Motion Drives & Controls will not only be selling their sensors and machine frames but will also promote service offerings to their current install base that will include upgrade and decommissioning of old sensors. This ensures a seamless transition for clients, making upgrades and replacements hassle-free while maintaining industry-leading precision and efficiency in measurement solutions.

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