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Motion Drives & Controls

We offer quality live or dead shaft path/idler rollers manufactured to your specific requirements. In-house assembly means we have the flexibility to meet the exact length and specification of the customer for their retrofit or new build requirements. The roller body has a stiff, yet lightweight 6060 aluminium alloy construction, which helps to keep a low inertia so that roller induced tension effects are minimal during acceleration and decelerations of the web. The roller body is available in either a light grey anodised finish, or for applications where an anodised finish is unacceptable, a plain aluminium finish.

  • Stock roller sizes available in 60, 75, 85, 100 – other sizes available on request.
  • Roller lengths available up to 7m.
  • Various bearing/shaft sizes available to suit the required tension.

Differential shaft chucks

Motion Drives and Controls offer our popular range of differential shaft chucks at very competitive prices.

These chucks are manufactured locally in the UK and assembled in house, in order to ensure a quality product.  They are available form stock to suit 3” (76mm) core inner diameters, with a 60mm inner bore, although we have the flexibility to adapt to smaller bores sizes and other customer requirements as necessary.

Engagement with the core is torque reactive – as 12 precision hardened steel balls which run in tapered raceways are rotated around the inner sleeve they are driven radially outwards to grip against the core inner surface.  The chuck then releases the core when the roll is rotated slightly in the opposite direction.  A case hardened inner sleeve provides a suitable surface for a long life of slip on your differential shaft.

Manufacturer products