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Boston Gear

When buying parts for the crucial machinery in your business or factory, quality really is the key. Installing sub-standard or ill-fitting machinery is not only damaging for the machinery but can cause harm to employees when they eventually succumb to damage.

One of the manufacturers that are known to provide the highest possible quality machinery transmission products is Boston Gear. By manufacturing their products to the highest possible standards they ensure that you get the maximum longevity and safety from their products. Everything from the casings to the gears contained within them is machined to the highest tolerances and provides smooth, reliable transferrals of power.

Boston Gear is a leading global manufacturer of quality power transmission products. These comprise an extensive off-the-shelf product offering of more than 20,000 products, combined with the ability to custom-engineer unique solutions when required.

Boston Gear products are designed to transfer power from the motor in order for it to power other moving parts within the machinery. Due to the huge forces that industrial motors can generate, transmission products are crucial to make sure that the power is transferred smoothly and the torque of the motor is not allowed to damage other parts.

Effective power transfer is crucial to an unlimited array of industrial applications from unit handling to food processing and everything in between, including solutions for paper converting, corrugated, mixers, hoists, pumps and steel.

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