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MAGPOWR are the international leader in web tension and torque control technology. With a wide range of quality products, whether it be an component upgrade or new build project they are sure to have a complete solution for your web tension control problems.

You’ll find a complete line of tension control components and systems for unwind, rewind, or intermediate web applications including closed loop, dancer, follower arm, ultrasonic, free loop and manual controls. Featuring soft start, taper tension, roll weight compensation and ease of use, these controls can be used on paper, film, foil, nonwovens, rubber products, filament winding and wire applications.

The cornerstone of their product range is MAGPOWR's magnetic particle technology which gives the ultimate performance in torque control, with an output that is truly independent of speed. However, MAGPOWR's also offer advanced pneumatic brakes and permanent magnet clutches and brakes.

Whether it be the ultimate closed loop tension control, simple manual control or anything in between Magpowr offer highly intuitive, flexible solutions in the form of their standard range of control units and readouts.

Contact Motion Drives and Controls today for a demonstration of the benefits of magnetic particle technology or a tension control consultation.