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Limit your downtime and improve efficiency with Motion Drives & Controls Ltd.

Servicing and Repairs

At Motion Drives & Controls, we provide the complete engineering solution, as experts in the field, our team of engineers will be able to assist in any service and repair needs. Whether it be a completely new production line, unwind/rewind stand, or just adaptation of existing machinery, our repair services are geared toward your immediate needs, to provide fast and superior solution at a significant cost savings.

We are proud to offer our excellent repair services; our experienced engineers are here to ensure the longevity and safety of all of your equipment. In regards to heavy machinery, we believe it is extremely important to regularly manage maintenance. This is to improve safety and quality conditions for everyone.

Preventative Maintenance

We highly recommend having preventative maintenance in place to successfully improve the performance and safety of your machinery. Spreading out the cost of planned maintenance will not only avoid any unplanned maintenance; but it will also improve equipment life making the need for large scale repairs reduced.

Protect Your Warranty

Many heavy machinery manufacturers offer warranties that may cover spare parts, but this is only provided when there is proof that it has undergone regular maintenance. If not, many warranties may be voided and you may be left with expensive repairs to do of your own. By sticking to the regular maintenance schedules recommended, you’ll increase your chances of being able to use your warranty in the event of a breakdown.

Emergency Stoppages can be Avoided

Having to stop a machine for a few hours while doing maintenance is certainly something that companies would like to avoid. However, this problem is insignificant compared to a complete shutdown of production due to a sudden equipment failure. Our team at Motion Drives is on hand to try work around your working schedule in order to have as little down time as possible.

Improves Safety and Efficiency

A machine that suddenly stops working could possibly put an employee at risk of injury from the sudden change, and we can offer repair services to help combat this. By stopping work to make repairs you lose precious working hours, increasing the total time to complete the job and reducing efficiency, but well-maintained construction equipment will work throughout the project, reducing downtime.

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