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Nidec is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of electric motors who dominate emerging markets such as robotics, autonomous guided vehicles, warehouse automation, agriculture, food and beverage, energy, medical, and more. Within these sectors, they specialize in providing a comprehensive range of products including servo motors, brushless DC motors, brushless AC permanent magnet motors, and stepper motors. Additionally, our offerings extend to fractional and subfractional gearmotors, encompassing brushless DC gearmotors, PMDC brushed motors, PMDC brushed gearmotors, PMDC planetary and right angle gearmotors, as well as BLDC, PMDC, and AC parallel shaft gearmotors. Complementing to their motor solutions, they design and manufacture corresponding drives and controllers suitable for ultra-low voltage DC ranges (battery voltage) and AC voltages up to 600V.

As part of the Nidec Group, a renowned manufacturer generating $12 billion USD in revenue, we contribute to a network comprising over 300 subsidiaries and employing more than 140,000 individuals worldwide. Operating under the umbrella of Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC), our subsidiary stands as a leading producer of commercial, industrial, and appliance motors and controls. NMC's product line is distinguished by its full array of high-efficiency motors tailored for industrial, residential, and commercial applications.

Motion Drives & Controls Ltd have been selected by Nidec Automation to distribute a range of AGV kits and associated motors and drives within the UK and Ireland.