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Different industrial demands have resulted in a range of solutions being developed to meet specific needs. Many manufacturers catering for the engineering industry have found their systems becoming increasingly more specialised, mainly due to the greater complexity of modern operations, and one of the brands that we are proud to stock is Coiltek; widely acknowledged as the premium service for those who need coil technology or ultrasonic loop controls.

coiltek logo_edited-1Coiltek has made its name through loop coil products that have swiftly become recognised as the benchmark in the world of metal-forming. Coiltek is famous for producing solutions that increase the efficiency of web operations; specifically those that depend upon tension free coiling or uncoiling. Using ultrasonic controls to great effect, these systems are robust enough to excel in their intended situations, and also precise enough to pinpoint even the most uncompromising free-loop web position. Widely used within the rubber and plastic extrusion market to regulate downstream or even winding equipment, the company has recently branched out in scope, and it now manufactures bespoke systems to assist with a range of utilities.Coiltek picture2

This influence is especially notable as Coiltek has been a family run business ever since it was first founded in 1978. Beginning in Wadsworth, Ohio, it began as a daughter company of the Cary Corporation, although it was later to be bought by the founder’s own son to continue independent operation. Coiltek remains in the hands of the family who created it to this day, namely the Cary family, and is currently based in Woodster, Ohio. Despite this, their products are sold all across the globe; including right here in the stock at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd, we supply a full collection of Coiltek technology and products, and welcome you to contact us if you’d like to discuss their nature in any more detail. We specialise in providing a full range of solutions for many common engineering industry needs, and use only the finest manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the suitability of all our products. You can always be confident that our equipment will reduce the necessary maintenance you need to carry out, and also optimise both your costs and your productivity. Call us now on 01926 411 544 to find out more.

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