What Exactly Is Power Transmission?

GearboxPower transmission is a concept that many people rely upon in their day to day lives, and yet they never give it a second thought. The idea is actually a very simple one. Power is frequently generated in one specific place, but this place is not the location within a mechanism where the energy is actually needed. A prime example of this would be within a vehicle, where all of the power is actually generated by the internal combustion engine, but the transmission then allows this energy to reach the drive wheels; where it is ultimately required.

In essence then, a power transmission device enables power to be channelled and regulated in a controlled fashion. Power transmission products are widely used within many industries, and the aforementioned gearbox example is by no means the only province where they are of use. One of the standout figures within the power transmission industry is the USA based company Boston Gear, and they specialise in supplying products to many environments that you may never have thought would need these products:

–        Food Processing – Boston Gear has been serving the food processing industry for more than a century. Speed reducers, duty motors and variable speed drives are all needed within the food manufacturing sector, so don’t ever think that drives or motors are merely the province of engineers!

–        Materials Handling – This is a very varied industry, as it includes devices like cranes, lifts, hoists and industrial forklifts. Gear reducers, clutches, brakes and many more mechanisms are all needed in this situation, and the competency of such products is of paramount importance; you only have to think of the damage that would be caused by a load or elevator falling from height to realise the vital role that effective power transmission plays.

–        Packaging Machinery – Such machinery is a niche market, but a very prominent one, and it also relies heavily on Boston Gear for products like variable speed drives, gear drives, speed reducers and torque limiters. Many automated packaging machines simply couldn’t function without Boston gear, as not only would the power not be regulated, but it simply would not be in the correct place.Boston Gear

When it comes to power transmission products for any industrial application, think of nobody other than Boston Gear, and when it comes to obtaining their products, look no further than Motion Drives and Controls. The full Boston Gear range consists of more than 20, 000 separate products, and at Motion Drives and Controls our selection is unparalleled. For more information, or to receive more details, be sure to contact us now and we’ll be pleased to help.

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