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Safety Products

Safety Chucks

  • Motion Drives & ControlsĀ Ltd are the UK's mainline and trusted distributor for Boschert GmbH who are a major player in the design and manufacture of safety chucks.
  • We offer the full range of C and VT type safety chucks both pedestal and flange mounted - beam weight range from 150kg to 64,000kg
  • Recognised as the industry standard our C-type chucks come with chromed handwheel, rubber fingerguard and hardened square pocket
  • The VT style safety chuck incorporates replacable inserts that minimize cost of ownership (available in square, triangle & square/round journals)

Product Description

With their simple sliding mechanism they can be removed quickly and simply, allowing your machinery to continually run at maximum efficiencyIn order to improve safety, modern machines utilise what is known as a safety chuck.

This simple yet effective device fits between the motor/or brake and the air shaft on the machine unwind/rewind stand and allows the air shaft to be removed safely and without tools.

 Boschert Safety Chuck Overview1