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Web Processing

Load Cells

  • Low profile design allows maximum web widths
  • Multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility
  • Three coupling styles for use with any type idler roll
  • Rugged construction for long life and dependability
  • Mechanical overload stops for protection even under severe overloads
  • Full Wheatstone bridge design for measurement accuracy
  • Imperial and Metric models for international installations
  • Load cell mounting styles available: Stud Mount, Pillow Block, or Flange Mount

Product Description

This type of system measures the forces created by the tension in the material web as it passes over a roller placed in the web path. This force is measured by the load cells at each end of the roller and provided as an input to the tension controller.

We offer five versions of MAGPOWR load cell including:

TS Load Cells

TS Load Cells provide the most consistent control of tension, no matter how the temperature changes throughout the day. In fact, all MAGPOWR Load Cells are designed with foil strain gauges that provide the lowest temperature drift rating possible (0.02% per º C), which can mean the difference between a profitable web and a floor of wasted material.

  • Rugged construction for extremely accurate tension measuring
  • Ideal for unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing applications
  • Three coupling styles for use with any type of idler roll

GTS Load Cells

  •  Rugged construction make GTS Load Cells ideal for demanding applications
  • Uses a full Wheatstone bridge for accuracy and stability
  • Utilizes overload stops to prevent load cell damage, increasing reliability and longevity

CL Cantilevered Load Cells

  • Most cost-effective Cantilevered Load Cell on the market
  • Can accept virtually any roll and shaft assembly – operators are not restricted in design
  • IP67 rated for washdown and immersion protection

TLC Load Cells

MAGPOWR’s TLC Load Cells are extremely accurate devices used to measure web tension in any unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing application. Delivering precise web tension with low temperature drift due to a full Wheatstone bridge construction, the Load Cells allow for force measurement and 10x overload protection in both force directions.

  • Low-profile design makes them ideal in machine frames where minimal size is required
  • Extremely accurate for any unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing application
  • Offers a full Wheatstone bridge with 10x overload protection

LC-500G Low Tension Load Cells

MAGPOWR’s Low Tension Load Cells (LC-500G & LC-500GS1) have full wheatstone bridge strain gauge configurations, and they meet the same industry-leading specifications as all other MAGPOWR load cells. The LC-500G, designed to mount easily into almost any single strand installation, also employs 360 degrees of overload protection, preventing the need for recalibration in the event of overload situations.

  • Ideal for lightweight, single strand applications such as wire, fiber optics and filament textiles
  • Full wheatstone bridge strain gauge configurations
  • Easy mounting options