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Brushless Motor Controllers

FBL Family Motor Controller

  • The FBL Family offers medium-power dual or single-channel Brushless DC Drives. Meeting the needs of AGVs and small electric vehicles.
  • Leveraging advanced technology, these drives provide cutting-edge capabilities for enhanced functionality.
  • The FBL Family supports multiple connectivity options, allowing seamless integration into a variety of applications.
  • With scripting support, users have the flexibility to customise and tailor the operation of the drives to specific requirements.
  • These drives offer a power range of up to 2 x 60A or 1 x 120A, with an operating voltage of up to 60V, ensuring application versatility.
  • Specifically designed for AGV and small electric vehicle applications, the FBL Family meets the unique requirements of these systems.

Product Description

Discover the Nidec FBL Family, a series of medium-power Brushless DC Drives designed for AGVs and small electric vehicles. These drives use Advanced Roboteqâ„¢ Core Technology. They offer advanced features, various connectivity options, and scripting support. With a power range of up to 2 x 60A or 1 x 120A and an operating voltage of up to 60V, the FBL Family ensures efficient and reliable performance. The drives incorporate a conduction cooling plate with an ABS plastic cover, enhancing heat senses for increased durability.

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