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Sliding Safety Chucks

Product Description

Boschert Sliding Safety Chucks can be adjusted axially, allowing the roll to be aligned sideways, even during operation. This can be achieved easily by simply turning the handle at the rear of the driver unit.  They are supplied with VT replaceable insert wear parts, which can be changed quickly and easily.

Sliding Safety Chucks offer the following features:

  • 50mm or 100mm axial adjustment
  • Replaceable VT inserts
  • Flange or pedestal pillow block mounting
  • Standard or bespoke shafts to suit customer brake or drive requirements
  • Chromed handwheel
  • Rubber finger guard

Available inserts:

  • Square (VT1 & VT2)
  • Triangular (VT6)
  • Square/Round (VT7)


TypeMax. Beam Mass (kg)Max. Torque (Nm)Square Dimensions (mm)
22-30 800 180 22-30
30-40 1600 350 30-40
40-50 2800 1100 40-50