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Web Processing

Web Tension Control Units

  • Advanced yet intuitive tension controller
  • Web break detection, out-of-round roll compensation and auto tuning
  • Offers weightless load cell calibration for quick setups

Product Description

At Motion Drives & Controls you will find a complete line of tension control components and systems for unwind, rewind, or intermediate web applications including closed loop, dancer, follower arm, ultrasonic, free loop and manual controls. Whether it be the ultimate closed loop tension control, simple manual control or anything in between through our relationship with MAGPOWR we can offer highly intuitive, flexible solutions in the form of their standard range of control units and readouts.

MAGPOWR Cygnus Tension Control

This compact interface comes with a variety of advanced yet easy-to-use features. Operators can easily navigate through advanced tension control functions and codes using on-screen prompts displayed in full text, making the setup process faster. For converting and printing press lines this control can dramatically reduce setup time and improve consistency with powerful features like automatic tuning and out of round roll compensation (previously only possible with a dancer control). Complex tension settings can be input quickly with full text prompts as opposed to more complicated input procedures of the past

MAGPOWR Versatec Tension Control

Next in the line of tension control interface is MAGPOWR’s VERSATEC system which provides true ease of use and extreme flexibility with its wide range of functions and operating modes. This versatile tension control is a multi-function automatic tension or process controller that uses the US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance and roll diameter. There are a range of operating modes for Unwind, Rewind, Dancer, Free Loop, or Ranging applications. This flexibility eliminates the need to learn the operation of different controls for different tension zones.

MAGPOWR Spyder Tension Control

For situations where there is a need for the most cost effective solution MAGPOWR have the Spyder Plus Tension Control. This precise tension control system is capable of controlling web tension in closed-loop, open-loop, unwind, rewind, point-to-point or dancer applications. It measures tension from one or more MAGPOWR load cells and outputs a corrective analog signal to control a torque device. The benefit of its ultra compact size is that it can be easily hidden away in the control cabinet or underneath the machine.

The Spyder Plus system has the ability to control open loop applications, advanced features for dancer applicationsand the ability to interface and share data remotely. Spyder Plus now has powerful features for dancer applications that were once only available with more expensive controls. Dancer mode now allows the unique ability to use load cells to monitor web tension, while remote setpoint adjustment improves efficiency, especially when multiple controls are used in the same application. Spyder Plus also works with third party ultrasonic or laser sensors to determine roll diameter.


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