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Posistop Motor Brakes

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  • Bullet Points:
    • Bullets: Up to 10 times longer life
    • Bullets: Minimal Maintenance
    • Bullets: No Adjustment – Ever
    • Bullets: Air or Hydraulic Actuation
    • Bullets: Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
    • Bullets: Dust, Dirt, and Moisture Proof

The Force Control Posistop Motor and Coupler Brakes are designed for long life with minimal maintenance in severe and critical applications. They are typically furnished as spring set, pressure release brakes however pressure set spring release is available in some models. The multiple disc design reduces inertia of the brake putting less load on the motor and improves efficiency each cycle.

Posistop motor brakes are designed to mount to the back of brake motors, and the coupler brakes are designed to mount to the drive end of the motor, often between the motor and reducer. Coupler brakes can also be used on servo motors.

Five model sizes offer torque from 6 Lb. Ft. to 2,030 Lb. Ft. and fit 56 frame up to 440 frame motors. Special flanges mountings can be furnished such as IEC, servo, or other flange sizes.

The standard shaft connection is a quill using a tapered collet providing a 360º clamped connection. Other quills are available including splined and bore and keyway.

The totally enclosed sealed housing eliminates dust, dirt, moisture, and fumes from causing internal damage. Also using an hazardous duty valve the Posistop brakes can be used in hazardous environments.

Posistop brakes are designed as dynamic brakes, in other words they can dynamically stop a load as well as hold it. The high thermal capacity allows higher cycle rates, and heavier loads.

The secret to the long life and minimal maintenance is Oil Shear Technology. Utilizing transmission fluid circulating through the disc stack the friction surfaces are protected from mechanical contact during dynamic engagement and the heat is removed via the fluid to the housing to be cooled. This nearly eliminates friction disc wear. The friction stack is typically not replaced as a regular wear item but only during rebuild. Because there is virtually no wear there is no need to adjust the brake for wear as is necessary with dry friction competitors. By reducing friction disc wear, removing heat, and lubricating the internal components, up to 10 times longer life can be expected without constant adjustment and repair.

Pneumatic Motor Brake Features:

  • Torque: 6 LB-FT to 2,030 LB-FT

  • Fit NEMA 56C to 449T Motor Frames

  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation

  • IEC and Custom Mounting Available

  • Washdown, Marine and Hazardous Duty

  • Can be furnished as an Assembled Brake Motor

Posistop Pneumatic Coupler Brake Features:

  • Torque: 6 LB-FT to 2,030 LB-FT

  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation 

  • Fits NEMA 56C to 449T Motor Frames

  • IEC and Custom Mounting Available

  • Collet Style Quill for 360º Shaft Connection


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