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Posistop X-Class Motor Brake

  • Spring set – Air/Hydraulic Release
  • Torque 4 to 300 Lb. Ft.
  • Up to 10 times longer service life
  • Designed for dynamic stopping
  • Packaged, fully assembled and tested
  • Simplified double C-face motor mounting
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Totally enclosed, sealed housing

Product Description

The Force Control Posistop® X-Class oil shear motor and coupler brakes are designed and rigorously tested to operate over 20 million trouble-free cycles with only occasional oil changes and no adjustment – ever! This is a true dynamic stopping brake, not just a holding brake.

This unheard of life expectancy allows the Posistop® X-Class motor and coupler brakes to be used on applications previously thought impossible to do using a brake. Dust, dirt,or moisture is no problem with our IP56 rated housings! Smooth running, quiet engagement and many  options such as vertical orientation, horizontal orientation, foot mounting, extended input shaft, manifold mounted valve and many more.

The Posistop X-Class Brake is commonly used in packaging, food processing and production machine applications.