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Web Processing

Turn Bars

  • There are numerous benefits of roll-to-roll frictionless web rollers, otherwise known as Turn Bars or Air Turns. Some of the very basics are:
  • Precision control of web tension; you can advance the flexible web material with precision while maintaining tightly controlled web tension.
  • By adjusting the positive pressure to the Turn Bar its possible to optimise air flow, web suspension and precision web tension.
  • Ability to convey the web material with no contact which is becoming particularly important within the flexible electronics sector.
  • Reduced maintenance and overhead (no moving parts e.g. bearings)
  • Non-static, less likely to build up collections of particle contaminants

Product Description

Motion Drives and Controls have experience of implementing air based transportation products also know as turn bars or air turns. This truely innovative alternative to standard contact rollers can be used for both web suspension and web tension control.

These air transport solutions can be retrofitted to replace existing traditional contact roll conveyors, either with the standard size or custom fitting to match the existing assembly. Contactless web handling reduces handling damage, material contamination and is fully anti-static, reducing costs associated with material scrap and rework. Costs associated with maintenance are reduced as well, with little scheduled maintenance and an indefinite operating life when run within recommended guidelines.

Application markets include flexible electronics, flexible photovoltaics, printed/flexible thin film batteries, anti-reflective coatings, barrier coatings, building products, chemical separation membranes.