Power Transmission Products

Air Bearings

  • Smooth & Silent motion
  • Zero friction
  • High speed/ unlimited acceleration
  • High load bearing capacity
  • High stiffness and high damping properties
  • Robust solution for high precision applications
  • No wear/ low maintenance benefits
  • Available in a wide range of options to suit a variety of applications

Product Description

Through our partnership with OAV Air Bearings we can offer a wide range of solutions where frictionless motion and load bearing capacity are of particular importance. Air bearings offer inherent advantages over traditional bearings as well as create opportunities for a broader range of applications. OAV offers integrated air bearings, aerospace materials, standardisation of products, custom products, and proven performance in the most demanding applications.

Example of Industries that use OAV Air Bearings for disruptive innovation:

  1. Metrology

  2. Automotive Industry

  3. Optomechanics

  4. Semiconductor Industry

  5. Aerospace Industry

  6. Energy Industry

  7. Medical Industry

  8. Audio Industry



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