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Case Studies

Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. is a leading distributor and system integrator of web processing, mechanical power transmission and safety products. We build strong relationships with our customers and supply partners whilst applying our vast knowledge and experience to deliver tailored Engineering and component solutions.

Holistic Approach to Production Line Improvement

In late 2018, Motion Drives & Controls was approached by a customer seeking to improve the braking system on one of their production lines. The customer, a specialist in tubing production, was dealing with a significant issue of expensive scrap produced during setup. The tubing produced had a non-permeable membrane added partway through the extrusion process, enabling its use in brown field sites. The project was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions but was completed in 2021.

Coating Line Dual Unwind Upgrade with Closed Loop Control

Motion Drives & Controls was approached by a long-standing customer seeking a solution to replace poorly performing Coremo Brakes on their main coating line. The existing brakes resulted in high levels of scrap due to their non-linear and juddering performance at slow speeds, required for their curing process. In addition to replacing the brakes, Motion Drives & Controls proposed implementing a new closed loop digital tension control system to further enhance the performance of the braking system.

Upgrading Mark Andy 2200 Flexo Press with MAGPOWR Components

Motion Drives & Controls Limited, the Magpowr distributor in the UK, has been working on the Mark Andy 2200 flexo press for the last 27 years. The machine, fitted with Magpowr clutches, brakes and bespoke controls, has been popular in the label printing market. However, the special control boards have become obsolete, and the need for an upgrade path using standard Magpowr components has arisen.

Systems Labelling - TH Dixon Coater Upgrade

To upgrade the existing TH Dixon Coating machine which is critical for supplying this label printing company with its release papers.

In summary the upgrade was to include the following items:

  • Replacement of the safety chucks on each of the three turret unwinds/rewinds
  • Replacement of the machine control system including DC motor drives
  • Replacement of the old pneumo-hydraulic intermediate web guide system with a modern, fully electric system
  • Replacement of the 6-off 3” and 6” diameter airshafts
  • Additional dancer to eliminate problem of web speed mismatch between driven laminator rollers and chill rollers

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