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Enhancing Unwind Tension Control in Adhesive Tape Converting

Project Brief

A project was undertaken to overhaul an unwind station as part of an adhesive tape converting line. The existing setup was failing to maintain proper tension control, negatively impacting the quality of the products.

Old System

The original station operated with a basic closed-loop system utilizing a load cell roller and a pneumatic disc brake, which lacked the necessary sensitivity and was incapable of handling variations in roll size and machine speed, leading to quality issues.


  • Inadequate tension control across varying speeds and conditions.
  • Absence of inherent damping, unable to adjust to roll variances and machine movements.
  • Consistent quality problems due to the system's lack of sensitivity.

New System

The redesigned system features a pneumatically operated dancer arm in a closed loop, employing advanced components for precise tension control. The implementation of a MAGPOWR DFC-A dancer arm controller and a Nexen XTB 22 brake allows for fine adjustments and consistent tension.


  • Enhanced tension control, ensuring constant tension during operation.
  • Improved process quality thanks to the high-quality tension control attributed to the dancer unit.
  • Increased sensitivity of the new brake system maintaining the dancer arm position effectively.