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1st December 2023

Revolutionising Precision in Web Processing: Motion Drives & Controls Ltd partners with AIS Gauging

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Motion Drives & Controls is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with AIS Gauging, a leading manufacturer specialising in highly accurate systems for inline web thickness and coat weight measurement. This collaboration expands our MDC/Web Processing Products portfolio, introducing cutting-edge solutions that promise to redefine precision in industrial processes.

Who are AIS Gauging?

AIS Gauging is a renowned player in the field of inline measurement solutions, focusing on delivering unparalleled accuracy for roll-to-roll-based applications. Their expertise lies in providing systems that meticulously measure web thickness and coat weight, crucial parameters for industries where precision is paramount.

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What Sets AIS Gauging Apart?

AIS Gauging's standout feature is their commitment to innovation and variety. They offer a range of sensors, including Isotope Source (low-level radiation), Infra-Red, X-Ray, Inductive, and Lasers. This diverse selection allows customers to choose the most suitable technology for their specific application, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution.

The flexibility offered by AIS Gauging is another distinguishing factor. Customers can opt to purchase the sensor alone, the sensor with the machine frame, or solely the frame, providing a customisable approach to meet the unique needs of different industrial setups. This flexibility makes AIS Gauging's systems adaptable to a wide array of manufacturing environments.

Why Choose AIS Gauging?

AIS Gauging occupies a unique position in the market as one of the few companies offering inline measurement solutions of this calibre. Their systems find applications in critical industries such as semiconductor and battery production, fuel cell manufacturing, and any sector where precise control of coat weight and thickness is imperative.

For companies dealing with expensive or precious materials in their coating processes, AIS Gauging's systems become indispensable. The ability to accurately measure and control the amount of product used ensures efficient utilisation, preventing unnecessary wastage and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Adding to their arsenal, AIS Gauging provides bespoke software designed to work seamlessly with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This software enables real-time feedback, empowering businesses to control specific aspects of their processes, such as coating or spraying of the web. Additionally, AIS Gauging offers a user-friendly app for monitoring the measurements taken by their systems, providing convenience and accessibility.

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Beyond product offerings, AIS Gauging emphasises comprehensive solutions. Motion Drives & Controls will not only be retailing AIS Gauging's sensors and machine frames but will also extend service offerings to our install base. This includes essential services such as upgrades and decommissioning of old sensors, a critical aspect for systems utilising radioactive sources.


In conclusion, AIS Gauging's entry into Motion Drives & Controls signifies a paradigm shift in the landscape of web processing technology. With their unmatched precision, diverse sensor options, and commitment to customer-centric solutions, AIS Gauging is set to redefine the standards of inline measurement systems. As we usher in this new era of precision, Motion Drives & Controls and AIS Gauging stand united in our mission to deliver excellence to industries where accuracy is not just a requirement but a necessity.

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