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Power Transmission

Geared Motors

  • Transtecno provide geared motors in Alternating Current. Speed reducers with alternating motors. The range is made of aluminum and covers torques up to 1000 Nm (8,800 lb-in).
  • The special Watt Drive tooth root design in combination with tooth helix angle, tooth depth, the materials used and surface finish maximizes load capacity.
  • This high gearing capacity enables smaller wheels to be used for the same torque, and smaller gears with exceptional power density also increase reliability.
  • Watt Drive geared motors are consequently incredible space savers.

Product Description

Through our partnership with the Transtecno Group and Watt Drive (WEG) we are able to offer a wide range of modular geared motor which can be neatly assembled with a range of AC & DC motors.  Applications vary over a wider range of industries, with ranges available for many specific market sectors.

Watt Drive provide top quality geared motors with key mechanical elements for low backlash, smoothly running and highly dynamic drive systems.

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