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Innovative Guided Unwind Stand for Enhanced Web Processing

Project Brief

Motion Drives & Controls has engineered a bespoke guided unwind stand to optimize the processing of glass fibre veil web materials. Aimed to supersede an outdated manual system, this new solution was meticulously designed to improve quality, speed, and repeatability, with no margin for extended production downtime.

Old System

The previous system in place was a manually operated setup that consisted of an edge-guide and web tension controls, which were far from optimal. It relied on A-frame chariots to load rolls of glass fibre veil web, each potentially weighing up to 300 kilograms. These chariots had to be manually aligned over a base platform, which was then lifted to enable lateral movement as part of the edge-guiding process. The tension was crudely managed by a pneumatic disc brake with manual adjustments for roll diameter compensation.

This system, even in its best state, was not capable of delivering optimal performance and often demanded mid-process manual intervention to ensure adequate downstream processing. The lack of automated control systems led to inefficiencies, especially when dealing with varying material thicknesses, and the obsolete components posed a significant risk for long production downtimes.


  • Manual operations requiring constant oversight
  • High downtime risk with obsolete components
  • Inefficiencies in handling material thickness variations

New System

The new system, entirely designed and manufactured by Motion Drives & Controls is a state-of-the-art guided unwind stand, revolutionizing the handling of glass fibre veil materials. With no reusable parts from the defunct system, this modern unit comes with a static baseplate that seamlessly integrates with the existing A-frame chariots. It introduces an automated edge-guide and tension control, all housed within the original space envelope. The actuator-driven raiser plate aligns with the lateral movements of the edge-guide system, while a load cell roller ensures absolute tension measurement.

A sophisticated electric web guide with an optical sensor and a DC motor-driven linear actuator provides precise lateral movement, facilitating accurate web feeding into the process. The tension control system is a high-sensitivity arrangement featuring a magnetic brake and gearbox configuration, providing consistent torque and tension. All components are sealed for longevity, and the control system is programmed to adapt to various material types, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced production quality.


  • Automated edge-guide and tension controls for consistent quality
  • Reduced risk of downtime with state-of-the-art components
  • Pre-programmed settings allow for rapid adjustments to different materials
  • High sensitivity tension control system for precise operation