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Coating Line Dual Unwind Upgrade with Closed Loop Control

Project Brief

Motion Drives & Controls was approached by a long-standing customer seeking a solution to replace poorly performing Coremo Brakes on their main coating line. The existing brakes resulted in high levels of scrap due to their non-linear and juddering performance at slow speeds, required for their curing process. In addition to replacing the brakes, Motion Drives & Controls proposed implementing a new closed loop digital tension control system to further enhance the performance of the braking system.

Old System

The previous system utilised Coremo Brakes on two unwinds of the main coating line. These brakes, however, were not ideally suited for the slow speeds required by the customer's curing process. As a result, the brakes displayed juddering and non-linear performance, which led to several issues in the production process.

One of the major consequences of this poor performance was the production of high levels of scrap material. This not only increased production costs but also had a negative impact on the overall efficiency of the coating line. The customer, therefore, sought a solution to replace these problematic brakes and improve their production process.


  • Inefficient and costly due to excessive scrap
  • Limited control and performance at slow speeds
  • Negative impact on the environment

New System

To address the issues faced by the customer, Motion Drives & Controls took a two-pronged approach to improve the overall performance of the braking system on the main coating line. Firstly, they replaced the poorly performing Coremo Brakes, which had been causing high levels of scrap due to their non-linear and juddering performance at slow speeds.

Secondly, Motion Drives & Controls implemented a new closed loop digital tension control system. This innovative solution not only complemented the replacement of the Coremo Brakes but also significantly enhanced the overall efficiency and control of the braking system, particularly at slow speeds required for the curing process. Consequently, this led to a drastic reduction in scrap production and a considerable improvement in the coating line's operation.


  • Significant reduction in scrap, saving £65,000.00 within 12 months
  • Quick return on investment as the system paid for itself in a matter of weeks
  • Improved efficiency and control at slow speeds
  • Positive environmental impact due to reduced waste