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11th February 2022

When Humans and Robots Find Synergy: A Look into the Hyundai Card Factory

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Whether you’re a fan of automation or not, we have to acknowledge that robotics have a lot to offer manufacturing workplaces. At the Hyundai Card headquarters, located in the finance centre of Seoul, employees have found this out first hand as they work with robots to create synergy in their workplace. 

As one of the leading financial technology companies in the world, Hyundai Card has continuously increased the use of robots within their team. In this blog, we want to look at how the introduction of robotics has helped create workplace synergy in a company with over 1500 employees. 

How are they used?

There are around 13 robots working as part of the Hyundai Card Factory team, including Billie the Barista robot, located in the factory Café. 

On the production line, however, the main focus of the machines is on manufacturing. So, once an application is made, an Auto Picking System, or APS, selects the requested design, this is then picked up by a robot arm who guides it to the next stop which inputs information.

Buddy the AI Chatbot

In 2017, Hyundai Card launched Buddy the AI Chatbot via the Hyundai Card App, which was a first in the Korean finance industry. Buddy has the ability to understand text and spoken words in a way that is similar to human communication, so it has been able to transform Hyundai’s customer service tools.

Robot room

At the Hyundai Card HQ, there is a Robot Room that is full of over 70 different robots. Robots play a key role in speeding up data processing and providing solutions to customer care at Hyudai so this room is incredibly important to the business.

This is where the robots and AI systems are programmed, and it is through this programming that the robots have the ability to save more than 22,000 hours for the company each year. 

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