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7th October 2022

Warehouse Automation Is Pioneering E-Commerce

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E-commerce has grown and thrived over the last few years, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, up to one-fifth of retail is online shopping, and by 2030, it’s expected to be almost one-third. This blog will explore how warehouse automation is pioneering the e-commerce industry.

E-commerce is a fairly complex industry, with efficient shipping, packaging and so much more being a large part of it. This efficiency is what helps the industry grow. However, as the popularity of e-commerce has increased there needs to be a way for companies to deliver to this large demand. In fact, these companies are facing a range of pressures, from delays and challenges to a lack of staff. One solution to all of this is warehouse automation. Warehouse automation is a great investment for e-commerce businesses.

Going from a traditional to a modern setting

Up until recently, warehouses are usually filled with hard-working staff who work long and intense shifts. However, in 2022, many warehouses are now becoming automated with autonomous mobile robots. These impressive robots will sort and grab items, helping them get to their destination. Whilst they are pricey they are certainly worth the investment. 

The benefits

  1. Your warehouse will become more efficient. Automated machines can pack and fulfil orders much faster than someone manually doing it. There will also be fewer errors.
  1. Your employees will become more skilled and of more value. In order to operate and maintain the machines, your staff will need specialist training that will make them more highly skilled.
  1. You won’t have to rely on humans as much. After the pandemic, you won’t have to worry about illness and staff not being available. These highly technical machines can work up to 24 hours a day.
  1. Your orders will become more accurate. There will be no human error; these machines have expert technology and will improve the quality of your orders.

The future

In the future, warehouse automation is definitely going to expand, perhaps even to completely automated warehouses. This technology is going to grow and develop and become even more impressive over time. The perfect partnership is humans working with automation, something that the e-commerce industry can flourish with, and will be a good example for other industries. At the moment, e-commerce warehouses should look towards incorporating e-commerce so they can keep up with competitors.

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