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15th July 2022

UK Businesses Look to Automation Amid Staff Shortages

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A survey from HSBC has found that up to 33 percent of businesses have plans to spend more in the automation sector to try and help the staff shortages they are facing. This article will explain why automation is being invested in more by UK businesses to cope with labour shortages.

It is well known that in the UK there are staff shortages. These shortages are mostly in key roles and it can be said that this is due to the impacts that Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic had on the economy. In fact, 40 percent of businesses do not feel positive about the number of their staff.

Therefore, many businesses have been planning and investing in automation to help deal with these staff shortages. It is thought that in the next 8 years, up to 33 percent of jobs could be taken by robotics and automation.

Furthermore, it is thought that Brexit could speed up this process, with the storage and transport industries being some of the first, and alternatively, more of these types of jobs in the UK could be moved abroad due to trickier environments for trading.

Consequently, it does seem logical for businesses in the UK to plan and spend more money on automation, as there is real pressure and need for them to modify and change their approaches.

HSBC UK’s Managing Director, James Cundy, explains that UK businesses have had many challenges that they have developed through and that their entrepreneurial spirit will allow them to grow further.

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