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20th January 2023

The Most Common Safety Products For Hazardous Machinery

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Safety should always be a priority, machines can be a daily hazard for those who work in the engineering industry. However, these threats can be managed and reduced by using the right safety products correctly, particularly around the point of operation and around the power transmission. These devices will make your environment much safer, but you must always follow rules and regulations regardless of what safety products you’re using. This blog will give you a rundown of the most common safety products for hazardous machinery, so you can know what products are on the market to make your applications safer.

Indicator lights

These lights can give you an easy-to-understand safety indication, and these can be either stacked together or separated depending on your needs. For example, the red could go into the most dangerous part of the machine, these can be used where you’d like for the maximum benefit.

Lockout tools

Even though a system isn’t in use, that does not automatically mean that it’s safe. For pneumatic machines, unplanned bursts can happen and this can be dangerous. A piece of lockout equipment will ensure the energy is neutralised, keeping you safe.

Enabling switches

These switches are operated by the user, by handling the switch. This means that a machine will only be operated once the switch has been enabled. This tool comes in a variety of forms, from buttons and triggers to controls that have handles, even multiple!

Safety controllers

This piece of equipment controls all of the other safety features you use for your applications. They are the masterminds and master controls of your safety equipment and can provide many benefits.

Safety bumpers, edges and mats

These devices sense contact as they work by pressure points being touched. Similar to the enabling switches, the machines will only work when the mat, bumper or edge has been touched. A bumper can stop things from shutting or closing if it detected any pressure.

Emergency stop ropes and buttons

These tools allow you to quickly and easily stop a machine, instantly. These ropes and buttons will override your machine and stop power. This equipment should be in a place that’s easy to reach, so you might need a few depending on your machinery.

Laser scanners and light curtains

This equipment uses lights and sensors to create a space around hazards. Then, if something was to enter that space the machine’s power would be turned off. This invisible but intelligent tool can ensure your safety when using dangerous hazards.

Interlock switches and machine guards

These tools are usually used together for the most benefit. The switches are used on doors, and they can’t be tampered with, they will shut the machine down if the door is opened. The guards are a physical screen between the machine’s hazard and yourself and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to suit your needs.

Here at Motion, we offer a range of safety products to protect your personnel whilst working on dangerous machines. We’re committed to keeping people protected by providing safe, compliant and effective working environments. Click here to head to our safety products page so you can find the tools to help you stay safe.

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