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25th February 2022

The John Lewis Partnership switches its home services fleet to electric vehicles

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As the switch to electric vehicles begins, one UK household name is trailblazing the use of electric vans to transport goods in their services fleet. According to Automation Magazine, “The John Lewis Partnership is replacing its Home Services fleet of 4,000 cars, vans and light trucks to electric vehicles by 2030.” Do you think this will catch on with other UK businesses? Let’s discuss.

The John Lewis Partnerships are currently working towards completely moving away from fossil fuels in their fleet by 2030. This could lead to an estimated saving of 500,000 tonnes of CO2 in a 10-year time frame. With this in mind, it’s difficult to see why other businesses wouldn’t follow suit. 

This trial, in partnership with Flexible Power Systems (FPS), will begin in March 2022 and will integrate data that has been collected from a wider electrification plan for the 350 vehicles in the fleet. This project is following a previously successful effort by sister company Waitrose. 

What does this mean for other companies?

With companies like The John Lewis Partnership electrifying their fleets in an attempt to combat climate change, replacing commercial diesel fleets with electric vehicles is one of the ways that all businesses could be attempting to make a change for the better. 

It’s evident from looking at just how much CO2 this switch stands to save, that this is an effective change to the way businesses operate. However, it is also important to take into account that one size doesn’t fit all and there will be a range of operational, site and vehicle requirements that need to be balanced before many companies think about making the switch. 

What do you think, will The John Lewis Partnership be setting the benchmark for how a business should operate to combat climate change, or do you think there’s another solution that can be put in place for all businesses wanting to make a difference?

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