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28th October 2022

The Guide To Mechanical Power Transmission

In This Article

Do you know what mechanical power transmission is? Or, how beneficial these types of equipment and parts can be? This blog will tell you all about mechanical power transmission and how its components can benefit you.

What is it?

In simple terms, mechanical power transmission is when mechanical power is transferred between locations, in some cases, this is quite a distance. This process is done by elements, shafts, shims, keys, bearings and more. An inside engine can then convert the energy to become mechanical, but for it to be in the needed state it needs to be delivered into a vehicle’s wheels in a variety of different ways. Mechanical power transmission works for a range of machines, from small to very large.

The System

A mechanical power transmission system is what links all of these parts together, with its main purpose being to send power to the correct place for it to work. It can also choose the direction, speed and force of the power, it’s a very useful system. For example, the movement of the piston in a certain system could be changed so its gears are more powerful and fast, or alternatively less powerful and slower when needed.

The Components

The components are a vital part of all systems, they either use the power usefully or transfer the power to another element to be used there. In fact, there are thousands of components all with different but useful parts, all depending on their materials, size and much more.

  • Machine Shaft Collars

This element works by going around the end of a shaft. They are commonly used for a range of applications, with their main purpose being to stabilise and stop any movement of the shaft. They come with a range of clamps and are usually screwed on.

  • Machine Keys and Keyed Shafts

This element is usually circular, to efficiently transmit power. They vary from uncomplicated designs to more complex and intricate models like crankshafts. These types of shafts can be connected by machine keys, again that transmit the power, by fitting in a slot on the elements.

  • Power Transmission Bearings

These bearings are known for supporting shafts, usually those of the rotating type. They are there to ensure there is not much friction and can come oil-infused to assist this.

How We Can Help

Here at Motion, we are a leading distributor and system integrator of mechanical power transmission products. We have a strong focus on building strong relationships with our customers and supply partners whilst applying our specialist knowledge and experiences so you can get tailored engineering and component solutions.

We understand that designing your power transmission system and keeping it running efficiently can be complex. We want to assist you to maximise your rotating equipment performance with your extensive range of high-quality products. Click here to browse the power transmission products we have to offer, and click here to get in touch today.

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