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3rd March 2023

SITEMA’s Safety Catchers

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Do you use safety catchers in your applications? Safety catchers are an impressive piece of safety equipment that allows for secure restraining if pressure drops during manufacturing. They’re ideal for heavy loads as it stops them from falling. This blog will tell you all about SITEMA’s Safety Catchers, their importance and how Motion Drives & Controls can help you get the right safety products for your needs.

Firstly, safety catchers are an outstanding tool for personal protection as they directly prevent accidents from happening. SITEMA offers a range of catchers, like the Series K, KR and KRP that can be used for medium to large loads. They’re easy to use and reliable thanks to their one-load direction and they’re even approved by the DGUV.

Here’s how they work:

  • Firstly the catcher unlocks, due to pressure building against it. There needs to be enough clearance and space to ensure that the shaft of the catcher can move easily, without anything stopping it.
  • Then, it catches the secure load once the force has been given from the catcher’s plungers. This pressure means the jaws will catch the shaft reliably, ensuring it is safe and secure.
  • The clamping function will not happen until the shaft has been pressured to move. This friction means the jaws will clamp and perform a mechanical stop.
  • Even if the load is increased after this, the shaft will still stay locked in position until the pressure has built up enough.
  • If there is an overload, the limit will be broken and the clamp will stop the rod from moving, taking the impact of this excess energy and power.
  • Finally, the catcher will release once pressure has been given to the clamping jaws.

SITEMA’s Safety Catchers are rather impressive; they are functional underwater and can be used for a variety of applications such as swimming pools and cable cars, the options are really varied! They can also be used as an energy-saving tool, as they’ll hold loads without using energy, saving you money as well.

Here at Motion, we’re proud to be a supplier of SITEMA and their impressive range of safety products, they are specialists in the development and production of clamping units. To take a look at the Safety Catchers we stock, click here. If you’re unsure what safety product is the right one for your needs, why not take a look at our range of safety products? Or, get in touch with our team and speak to us today.

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