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1st August 2022

Siemens Grows Digital Building Operations

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The leading company in digital buildings, Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI), has acquired Brightly Software. Brightly Software, a leader within the industry of software-as-a-service (SaaS), that is based in the U.S, provides asset and maintenance management solutions. This settlement is subject to regulatory approvals and is aimed to be closed within 2022’s calendar year.

This purchase was priced at USD 1.575 billion, plus an earn-out

What does the acquisition mean?

The acquisition is intended to advance SI to a higher position in the software marketing market, specialising in buildings and built infrastructure.  

For Brightly

This Acquisition will mean Brightly’s well-established cloud-based capabilities across the core sectors of education, healthcare, public infrastructure and manufacturing, will add to Siemens’ digital and software knowledge base for buildings. It is also likely that Brightly will benefit from Siemens’ global presence.

For Siemens

This will benefit Siemens, as this combination will increase the expansion of Siemens’ SaaS business, as well as having the software provider’s footprint in the U.S. market. This will all contribute to Siemens gaining an expected large triple-digit million net present value to their profile. As well as enabling both businesses to display high-ranking performance and sustainability.

It has been noticed that many infrastructure owners and operators are starting to search for software that is more efficient and has more renewable operations. Brightly’s secure SaaS business and customer base, paired with Siemens’ existing digital portfolio, footprint and building base, will help eliminate the missing segments that have been found throughout the IT and OT, before the convergence of the two companies. This is intended to aid innovation, unique user experiences and grow production and performance for buildings and build infrastructure. 


The highlighted increase in news and information on climate change, and the need to tackle the issues urgently, have suggested the need to move out of cities. It has been estimated that by 2050, 7 billion people will be living in urban areas. This highlights a need for smart and sustainable communities, to help the environment. Siemens wants to do this by building smart communities with digital and intelligent systems.

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