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1st July 2022

Robots are being used to help eyewear e-commerce orders

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Zenni, an online glasses and eyewear company has teamed up with Osaro, an e-commerce robotics company to help automate some of Zenni’s Novato warehouse in California. This blog will explore how this is being done since it is an industry first.

Zenni has chosen to have three ‘bagging systems’ robots from Osaro and they will be getting orders ready for shipment across the US. In fact, robots have never had this type of responsibility; the system they will work with is automated, helping to make sure every customer’s individual order will be put into the right packaging and place to be shipped.

Osaro has collaborated with automatic equipment retailer Pregris, in order to meet Zenni’s demand. This impressive technology is precise and accurate, which is essential here due to the fact that each piece of eyewear must be correct to be sent to the right customer. Eyewear is extremely personal and unique; from prescriptions to the actual style of frames, Osaro’s robots definitely have quite the task!

Simon Goh, one of Zenni’s directors stresses that their focus is on innovation and quality, Zenni has sold millions of glasses for almost 20 years now.

He says: “We looked to Osaro to take us to the leading edge of technology.”

Accuracy and speed are two of Zenni’s key priorities when it comes to fulfilling it’s e-commerce orders. Furthermore, Zenni’s CEO Derik Pridmore believes that it is critical that these important and precious items are sent out correctly to their customers. However, Zenni’s extensive experience along with the complexity and expertise of the robots will ensure the new robotic systems will meet demand and their targets.

More specifically, Osaro’s robots will be of the ‘pick and place’ variety, due to the impressive task that they will be carrying out. In fact, Zenni currently has workers able to complete 10 orders every minute, with its key goal being accuracy. Therefore, these robots will help with shortages of staff, and help the new challenges a thriving e-commerce business like Zenni will face with fulfilment.

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