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20th July 2023

Material Converting Engineering Solutions

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In today's fast-paced manufacturing industry, the process of material conversion plays a critical role in transforming raw materials into finished products. With a focus on precision and expertise, material converting engineering solutions are in high demand, particularly in industries such as plastics and packaging. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of material converting, explore the diverse role we play in this field, discuss our innovative approach to material converting projects and highlight our commitment to aftermarket support.

Understanding Material Converting

Material converting encompasses a series of processes aimed at transforming raw materials into usable forms or converting them into finished products. It involves utilising a wide range of equipment to perform operations which include cutting, slitting, laminating, coating, printing, and more. 

The main objective of material converting is to enhance the properties of the materials or create specific products that meet the stringent requirements of various industries. Whether it involves the production of flexible packaging, labels, adhesive tapes, or other similar products, material converting requires a combination of technical expertise, advanced equipment, and innovative solutions.

The Role of Motion Drives & Controls in Material Converting

We have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner in the field of material converting engineering. Our expertise spans multiple facets of the process, including web processing solutions, power transmission components, and safety products. Let's take a closer look at each of these areas:

Expertise in Web Processing Solutions

Web processing lies at the core of material converting operations. It involves the precise handling, tension control, and guidance of flexible materials such as films, foils, and paper. We excel in providing state-of-the-art solutions for web processing, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. 

Our comprehensive range of products includes advanced web tension control systems, precision guiding systems, slitting and rewinding equipment, and more. With our expertise, you can optimise production processes, reduce waste, improve overall productivity, and deliver exceptional results.

Power Transmission Components for Converting

Power transmission components form the backbone of material converting machinery. We offer a wide selection of high-quality components such as gearboxes, motors, couplings, drive belts, and more, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of material converting operations. 

These components are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency, ensuring smooth power transmission and precise control over the converting process. By incorporating industry-leading power transmission components, we enable our clients to achieve enhanced performance and productivity in their material converting operations.

Safety Products for Converting Operations

Safety is of paramount importance in any manufacturing environment, and material converting operations are no exception. We understand the significance of maintaining a safe working environment and provide a comprehensive range of safety products designed to protect both operators and equipment. 

From safety switches and interlocks to advanced guarding systems and emergency stop devices, our tailored solutions ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations and prevent accidents. By prioritising safety, our can clients can maintain high operational standards while safeguarding their personnel and assets.

Our Approach to Material Converting Projects

We follow a comprehensive and meticulous approach to material converting projects, ensuring every aspect is carefully planned and executed. 

Our expertise extends across various stages, including application engineering, project management, component stock holding, installation and commissioning, mechanical design and testing, and electrical control panel design and testing. Let's explore each of these aspects in more detail.

Application Engineering

Understanding the unique requirements of each material converting project is the first step toward success. Motion’s team of experienced application engineers work closely with clients to thoroughly analyse their needs, identify challenges, and propose tailored solutions. 

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we ensure that the proposed solutions align with the specific goals and objectives of the project. Through close collaboration, we strive to exceed client expectations and deliver highly efficient and effective material converting solutions.

Project Management

Efficient project management is paramount to delivering successful material converting solutions. We employ a structured and strategic approach to ensure that projects are executed within budget and time constraints. 

Our dedicated project managers coordinate various activities, monitor progress, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders. By providing clear and transparent communication, we ensure that clients are kept informed throughout the project lifecycle, from the initial planning stages to the final implementation and beyond.

Component Stock Holding

To streamline the material converting process and minimise downtime, we maintain a comprehensive stock holding of critical components. This strategic approach ensures that the required components are readily available when unforeseen issues arise, reducing the time required for sourcing and procurement. 

Our commitment to component stock holding showcases Motion’s dedication to customer satisfaction and our understanding of the urgency often associated with material converting projects.

Installation and Commissioning

Proper installation and commissioning of material converting equipment is essential for optimal performance and long-term reliability. Motion’s team of skilled engineers and technicians ensures that the equipment is installed correctly and commissioned to operate at its full potential. 

They follow industry best practices and guidelines to guarantee seamless integration of the new equipment into the existing production setup. By meticulously attending to every detail, we’ll ensure that clients can maximise the performance and efficiency of their material converting processes.

Mechanical Design and Testing


We have a proficient mechanical design team that focuses on creating efficient and robust solutions for material converting projects. They employ advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software and utilise the latest design methodologies to develop innovative mechanical systems. 

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and adhering to industry standards, our designs enhance productivity, reliability, and operational efficiency. Before implementation, the designs undergo rigorous testing, including stress analysis, simulation, and prototyping, to ensure their performance and compliance with strict quality standards.

Electrical Control Panel Design and Testing

Electrical control panels form the backbone of material converting machinery, enabling precise control, automation, and monitoring of processes. Our electrical engineering team excels in designing and testing control panels that meet the unique requirements of each material converting project. 

Their expertise in electrical system integration, programming, and testing ensures seamless operation and enhances the overall efficiency of material converting processes.

Aftermarket Support for Converting Solutions

At Motion, we understand that reliable aftermarket support is essential for the long-term success of material converting solutions. We offer comprehensive support services to ensure that clients can optimise the performance of their equipment, minimise downtime, and extend the lifespan of their investments. 

Our dedicated support team consists of highly skilled technicians and engineers who provide timely maintenance, repairs, spare parts supply, and technical assistance. By partnering with us, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their material converting operations are supported by a team of experts committed to their success.


What industries benefit from material converting engineering?

Material converting engineering benefits a wide range of industries, including plastics, packaging, adhesive tapes, labels, flexible packaging, and more. The versatility and customisation options offered by material converting solutions cater to the specific needs of each industry.

How do Motion Drives & Controls ensure the safety of converting operations?

Motion Drives & Controls provides a wide range of safety products specifically designed for converting operations. These include safety switches, interlocks, guarding systems, emergency stop devices, and more. By implementing these safety measures, they ensure compliance with industry regulations and prioritise the well-being of operators and equipment.

What is web processing, and why is it important in material conversion?

Web processing refers to the handling, tension control, and guidance of flexible materials, such as films and foils, during the material converting process. It is a critical aspect of material conversion as it ensures precise control, minimises waste and enhances the overall efficiency of the converting operations.

How does Motion Drives & Controls approach project management?

We adopt a structured approach to project management, focusing on clear communication, meticulous planning, and effective coordination. Our project managers oversee the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that activities are executed within budget and time constraints while maintaining a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Does Motion Drives & Controls offer aftermarket support for their converting solutions?

Yes, we provide comprehensive aftermarket support for their converting solutions. This includes maintenance services, repairs, spare parts supply, and training. Our dedicated support team ensures that clients receive prompt assistance to optimise the performance and reliability of their material converting equipment.